Discover Your Beauty: Personalized Lessons with Jackie Alves

I believe makeup is a personal journey, a unique expression of who you are. That's why my Personalized Lessons are tailored just for you.

Maybe you've got a treasure trove of cosmetics but not a clue on where to start, or perhaps you're just diving into the world of makeup. From the teen exploring her first lipstick to the elegant lady mastering the art of anti-aging foundations—it's your time to shine, and I'm here to help guide you.

During your one-on-one session, we'll chat about what makes you, well, you! Your skin type, your lifestyle, and those little quirks that set you apart.

We'll work together to uncover makeup looks that complement your natural beauty and resonate with your personal style. It’s not about changing who you are; it’s about enhancing what you’ve got and feeling dazzling while doing it.

Let's say goodbye to those morning meltdowns in front of the mirror. My mission is to equip you with the tips and tricks that will have you sailing out the door looking fabulous in minutes. I've got all the insider knowledge and I'm buzzing to share it.

Dust away the doubts with every brush sweep, and draw out your inner glow with each color choice.

More than just learning to apply makeup

Got a special occasion on the horizon, or maybe you're just tired of the same old makeup routine? That's where my one-on-one private lessons shine!

Imagine having an expert all to yourself, knowing the ins and outs of every brush, technique, and product—someone who gets that your makeup is as unique as your fingerprint.

In our tailor-made sessions, I'll unveil the secrets to flawless application—transforming confusion into clarity. You’ll learn how to select the right shades for your skin tone, the techniques to enhance your features, and the tricks to lock in your look from dawn till dusk.

You'll walk away not just with a pretty face, but with a surge of self-assurance. So, whether you're conquering contouring or winging it with your eyeliner, you've got this—because my expert guidance is just a call away.