2 Day Beauty Bootcamp 

Don‘t have time for an 8 week course not local to yuma no problem.(5)

Don‘t have time for an 8 week course not local to yuma no problem.(6)


What's Included?

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Day 1

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Module 1

I'll introduce you to the course and outline the curriculum. This module focuses on understanding your client and their needs through effective communication.
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Module 2

We explore the essentials of your makeup kit, including skincare, brushes, tools, and color theory. You'll learn how to select, use, care for, and sanitize your tools, and how to correct and match foundation shades to individual skin tones.
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Module 3

After lunch, I'll provide an overview of the 15 steps of basic makeup application. This includes primer and foundation selection, setting powders, highlight/contour application, and blush.

Module 4

We delve into eyeshadow shades, formulas, techniques, eyeliner, mascara, and brow shaping.
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Module 5

We wrap up day one with a focus on lipsticks, liners, gloss, and finishing steps.

Makeup Artist Academy Graduates

"I've been a makeup artist for years, but working with Jackie Alves opened my eyes to so much more, from perfecting my makeup artistry to mastering 'The Business of Beauty.' Her guidance went beyond typical lessons, diving into the depths of both artistry and business growth. She wasn't just a teacher but a mentor who nurtured my professional and personal development, making a huge difference in my business and in me. I'm deeply grateful for the growth and success I've achieved through her mentorship."
— Deseray M.
"As a makeup student I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than the one I had sharpening my skills and technique at the beauty bar. The atmosphere was incredibly fun and dynamic . Jackie was not only an expert in the beauty industry but incredibly supportive guiding me with insightful feedback and sharing her wealth of knowledge. Thanks to her mentorship I was able to unleash my creativity and broaden my technique in ways I never thought possible it was truly an unforgettable experience that has laid a solid foundation for my career in makeup artistry."
— Nina M.

Day 2


Module 6

We start with a recap of the 15-step makeup application, practicing on models, and learning false lash selection and application.

Module 7

Post-lunch, we shift to business aspects, discussing social media behaviors, marketing, branding, partnering with brands, and building a pro kit at wholesale prices.
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Final Session

The 2 Day Beauty Bootcamp concludes with a closing session, awards, recognition, and access to exclusive online content and videos for graduates, plus invites to monthly Artist Community online meet-ups.
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