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How To Become A Professional Makeup Artist Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars and Hundreds of Hours Of Your Time

Quick Tips To Becoming A Professional Makeup Artist In 90 Days

Do you just love the idea of becoming a professional, well-paid makeup artist?  Realizing that dream might be quicker than you imagine.

Helping others look their best can be a gratifying career both mentally and economically. However, just like any other occupation, getting the appropriate training is essential for success.

Makeup classes can be held onsite or even online, especially with the many closures of beauty schools and salons.  Jackie Alves has been doing both for over 25 years and is excited to help you see your dream come to life!

Discover Makeup Application for All Occasions

You likely already understand the fundamentals of applying makeup to your own face, but that's not all you need to know to become an expert makeup artist. An effective makeup course teaches you how to apply makeup for all types of occasions.

Courses should also show you how to apply makeup properly for particular needs such as a photoshoot for design, a live performance by a speaker, politician, ballet dancer, opera vocalist, or some type of artist.  Can you see yourself being the makeup artist who helps the next famous actor or actress?  When you deliver top quality services, people remember you and want to bring you along with their success, so begin promoting yourself as a professional from the beginning.

Makeup for the camera is often much different than daily makeup applications, so it's wise to take some makeup lessons on these different approaches.

Makeup Application for Different Skin Types

Another way a formal makeup class can assist you in increasing your talent is they will teach you to apply makeup for a variety of skin types. Skin can be found in different color tones, depending upon the individual's skin coloring. There is likewise oily skin, dry skin, and skin that falls someplace in between. You'll require makeup lessons to find out about the skin types and what type of makeup ought to be applied to each individual's skin.

Knowing how to identify the colors of makeup is an absolute essential, so if you know this is a weakness, just let your instructor know.  There are many different color matching tips and tricks to help you quickly learn what works best with certain skin tones and themes the client is using.  Depending on the type of makeup artist you will be, you may even apply makeup to men.

Makeup Application Techiques 

Cosmetics and makeup artistry is not all about just makeup and brushes.  In the last several years, many new types of techniques have come on the scene like airbrushing, special effects makeup, tattoos, medical spas, and specialized beauty parlors.  Even working for cosmetic companies or at beauty counters can be a starting spot for some women.  These types of retail environments give you hands-on training in customer service as you deal with individuals and how to examine their needs prior to applying their makeup to get the right match for their character and skin type.

Many of my students like the idea of learning how to do their own makeup really well before doing someone else's.  And if you aren't interested in taking an entire college course, which can take years to finish, then one of our online makeup artist training courses may be the right fit for your needs.

A Few Last Words Of Encouragement

One of the happiest days of my life has been watching The Beauty Bar Skin Care & Makeup Studio become a reality.  It is a peaceful place where women come to not just get makeup and skincare advice or training.  We are sharing hopes and dreams of taking our skills to the next level to become professional makeup artists and skincare specialists in the communities where we live.

So here is what you need to do...

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You have 2 choices:

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