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Jackie's Top Beauty Tips

Jackie alves royal revitalize serums

Skin Care

Discover how to increase skin's resistance to the signs of aging over time in a comprehensive luxury skin care ritual with power, potency and precision.
Jackie alves felt tip eyeliner


Powered by Jafra's exclusive Royal Jelly RJx technology, you can see and feel radiant color, protection and beauty like never before in a cosmetic line. 
Jackie alves jafra garden fairy


Experience the scent of women's luxury fragrance, mens aromatic yet attractive colognes and kids playful aquatic notes are delightful, inviting and warm.
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Jackie's JAFRA Cosmetics #1 TIP
Royal Jelly RJX

A beauty breakthrough decades in the making. The new JAFRA ROYAL Revitalize Collection helps skin look, act, and stay younger* with JAFRA’s exclusive Royal Jelly RJX. In just 4 minutes, you can bring out the best version of you with skin care that works as hard as you do. 
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